Journal History

The existence of the journal Patanjala is an integral part of the establishment of BPNB West Java in 1989 with the name of the Hall of Historical Studies and Traditional Values (Balai Kajian Sejarah dan Nilai Tradisional, BKSNT). BKSNT transformed into the Traditional Historical and Values Preservation Hall (Balai Pelestarian Sejarah dan Nilai Tradisional, BPSNT) in 2006. Then transformed into the Cultural value Preservation Hall (BPNB) in 2012. The name BPNB Bandung then changed to the cultural Value Preservation Hall (BPNB) of West Java in 2015. Based on the Regulation of Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No. 40 year 2015 dated October 9, 2015 on the organization and administration of BPNB in Chapter I article 2, BPNB West Java has the task of implementing the preservation of aspects of traditions, beliefs, arts, film, and History in its working area. The research became the core of the overall preservation activity.

At first the results of the research were published as internal reports. It then evolved into an anthology that included a variety of themes. It was only in 2007, BPNB West Java published research journals. Reviewed from its systematics, when used by the latest research standards, the research journal is more of a collection of internal reports. This research journals are only last for two years old.

The awareness of the need for qualified and accredited journals is increasing. Consultation with the Accreditation field Scientific magazine Pusbindiklat LIPI researchers are also increasingly intensive. In 2009 the journal Patanjala was published for the first time. Patanjala journal comes with layout, appearance, systematics, and substance that are adapted to the standards of Scientific magazine accreditation of LIPI. In 2010 for the first time Patanjala filed accreditation and obtained the grade B with the validity period of 2 years according to the decree of LIPI Head Number 246/Akred-LIPI/P2MBI/05/2010. Then, in the year 2012 it managed to obtain accreditation status for the validity period of 3 years based on the decree of the head of LIPI No. 426/P2MI-LIPI/04/2012. In 2015, it obtained the value of accreditation with the validity period of 3 years based on the decree of the head of LIPI number 628/AU2/P2MI-LIPI/03/2015. BPNB West Java committed to make the Patanjala Journal become a scientific magazine that is able to maintain its accreditation until the enforcement of e-Journal when the accreditation will be conducted in the year 2018.